Bridgeview Connects People to the Resources for Self-Reliance
​Bridgeview has been working to connect low-income individuals, families, and children to the resources for self-reliance since 2012.


Education, employment, healthcare, and other supports are all necessary for low-income families to thrive. Bridgeview provides connections to these vital supports through more than 90 community partners who share our perspective…and our network is growing. Click here for a list of our partners.


Our vision is a community where a systemic approach and shared responsibility break the cycle of poverty through stable housing, self reliance, and improved quality of life.


We value self-reliance, self-confidence, perspective, results, opportunity to serve, employment, and education.

We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Washington. More than 2,000 VHA residents benefit from the resources and referrals we provide.​


Our Staff:

Angie Sytsma, Executive Director

Jodi Freydenfeldt, Volunteer & Engagement Manager

Steve Towell, Data & Operations Administrator

Emily Dixon, Family Self-Sufficiency Manager

Our Board of Directors


Kevin Witte, Chair

Joan Caley, Vice Chair

Tim Foley, Secretary-Treasurer


Carol Collier

Linda Glover

Saeed Hajarizadeh

Ryan Halley

Dominique Horn

Roy Johnson

Linda King

Janiece Micheal

Brandi Williams