Caples Terrace Apartments Tenant Applications

Congratulations on your first step to applying at Caples Terrace Apartments! The Bridgeview Self-Sufficiency Program at Caples Terrace is a life-skills building program designed to help young people aged 18-24 launch into thriving adulthood. Our goal is for youth to use stable housing as a platform for increasing their self-sufficiency. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you! Please read through this in entirety before beginning your application.


Prospective residents must apply through Bridgeview’s Self-Sufficiency for Youth program to be considered for residency at Caples Terrace. The process is as follows:



We know this can seem like a lot of steps and may be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time applying for your own apartment. JUST FOCUS ON STEP NUMBER ONE!!! Once you’ve completed and turned in your application, you will be contacted by a Case Manager who will help walk you through each of the next steps, even until you are moved in!


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered:

  • Must have a goal of living independently without a housing subsidy in 2-5 year time frame

  • Must be able to live in an unsupervised environment

  • Must be a youth aging out of foster care,


In extended foster care and experiencing housing problems,


An unaccompanied youth (not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian) who is considered homeless (lacking a fixed, regular, and adequate residence)

  • Must be able to complete program application and essay questions independently

  • Must have two positive references: One from referring agency that can verify active, positive, participation in programs that build or improve life skills for youth

  • Can show through work history, organizational reference, or goal identification they are able and willing to increase their income through employment, enough to be able to rent on their own

  • Be income eligible. Depending on units available, income at application cannot exceed between 30% and 50% of the area median income.

Available Services:

The following services are available to each resident; career training, educational support, independent living skills training, transportation support; laundry facilities, computer & internet access; counseling support, parenting support, and access to all resources at the Bridgeview Resource Center across the street.

Requirement upon Program Entry:

Residents of Caples Terrace will need to continuously demonstrate that they are actively pursuing goals that will lead to gaining self-sufficiency skills.

Once living at Caples Terrace, you must continue to work with your case manager on individualized, self-stated goals. In addition, all youth are expected to maintain 36 hours of productive time each week (school, work, community engagement, or other self-sufficiency activities)

The basic requirements for the program are the following:

  • Meet with your Case Manager weekly during the first three months (meeting frequency may decrease after 90 days depending on individual needs)

  • Maintain 36 productive hours per week

  • Demonstrate willingness to participate in community activities with the Skyline community

  • Attend weekly House Meetings

  • While in the Caples Terrace/Skyline community we ask that you respect yourself, your peers, your home and the Caples Terrace staff.


Preliminary Application Documents

Preliminary Application for Caples Terrace

290 Homeless Certification

Application Checklist:

The Application Packet, which you can download from the links below contains the following items. Please review all of them, and keep the items listed below:

Bridgeview Self-Sufficiency for Youth Program Application Instructions and Information Sheets

Please complete the following and turn in:​

       These fill-able forms can be downloaded, filled out on your computer, digitally signed and emailed and/or printed.​

Download Entire Application Packet Here (Includes information about Caples Terrace and instructions
for applying, as well as fill-able forms.) Acrobat Reader may be required to open this document. A link to Acrobat Reader is at the bottom of this page.

Once you have all the documents completed, you may return to Bridgeview Resource Center in person at 505 Omaha Way, or email them to Angie Sytsma at

If you have any questions regarding the application that your referring agency can’t answer, please contact Angie Sytsma at (360) 993-9562.

3. Screened applicants are interviewed by Project Team

4. Approved applicants are

referred to VHA for lease- up

1. Complete and return Application

2. Project
Team screens
application for eligibility