Campus of Learners Program - Skyline Crest Residents Only
Early Childhood and Kindergarten Readiness

How We Support Our Kids




Bridgeview serves more than 600 preschool children living in VHA housing.  Statistically, these kids, like others born into poverty, are less likely than their middle class peer to complete high school.  


With appropriate early childhood education, this can change. Kids who receive early learning support are three times more likely to graduate from high school. They achieve improved employment, higher wages, and more stable families. For every $1 invested in pre-kindergarten, taxpayers save up to $7.


Like most of us, low income families generally rely on those they know and trust in making decisions about their families. With that in mind, our program was approved by early learning professionals, but designed by VHA residents. It provides connections to education and resources that resonate with the families we serve and helps to ensure that their children start kindergarten prepared and ready to learn.


For more information, contact Sharon Linn at (360) 992-0205 or

College Enrollment

In order to break the cycle of poverty, most kids need training beyond high school. Unfortunately, kids impacted by poverty are much less likely than their middle income classmates to attend college. In partnership with Vancouver Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington, Clark College, and Washington State University, our Family College Focus Program motivates VHA youth to pursue post-secondary education. It is available to more than 400 high school kids age 16 to 18.


As with our Early Learning Program, VHA residents were actively involved in program design and marketing. It includes a formal curriculum of activities to encourage a smooth transition from high school to college – i.e. FASFA and college application workshops, SAT prep, college and career exploration, scholarships, and active referrals to community partners.  There are also options for parents so they can effectively support their kids post high school goals.


for more information, contact Prudence Zeni at (360) 992-0232  or

At Skyline Crest, we work with residents to build a thriving community around the goals of community engagement and academic success. Skyline families report their school aged children’s school attendance and meet at least annually with a staff member to develop a family plan that encourages academic success. Bridgeview staff use these meetings to build relationships with parents and to refer them to resources to assist their family.

Community members also contribute to the program’s success. We currently employ 4 Skyline residents as Community Health Advocates. They plan activities and educational opportunities that their friends and neighbors will value and that promote good health and a positive sense of community.


This partnership between staff and residents has produced terrific results. Since its implementation in 2011, school attendance is up and community engagement has increased dramatically.



For more information, contact Prudence Zeni at or (360) 992-0232.

Housing Stability Program

This pilot program ties housing, education, and employment together for 30 low-income families. Participants are required to engage with school district staff to develop and maintain an education plan for their children and with Bridgeview staff to develop and maintain an employment plan for the adults in the household. By tying education and employment to housing, we encourage all family members to access the support they need to become self-reliant.

Participants for this program are identified by the school districts.